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Old Mill Inn + Royal Canadian Yacht Club | Toronto Wedding

Here's another wedding submitted by our good friend Robin Zhang Photography. 

There is no denying the connection and love Malinda and Tony have for each other,It is infectious.It is lucky to witness this special moment in a couple's life and spending their first day together documenting their love.The photos are full of excitement and romance.We know photographer Robin Zhang must of had a blast shooting this gorgeous wedding in Toronto.

Our beautiful couple Malinda and Tony nailed every single bit of details into perfection.The whole wedding was as beautiful as their love ,they had flowers galore,signature drinks,yummy treats ,a live band and heartfelt speeches given by their wonderful families and friends.How it was an elegant event,but still playful and unique.

Malinda was getting ready at one of Toronto's most iconic historic hotel Old Mill Inn. Nestled in the beautiful Humber Vally and adjacent to the Parkland, the place is just the perfect getaway for couples.The most tounching  moment must be Malinda's monther help her get dressed. A look, a laugh, a touch. These moments were frozen in time so you can look back on and remember the feeling.Photography is precious because it captures moments.

Their ceremony was held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club located at the beautiful Central Island where they can have the Toronto city skyline as their backdrop. The combination of wild and fresh floral patterns decor are the absolute icing on the cake. The ceremony was perfect, the outdoor wedding setup was the most visually beautiful thing.It was just too sweet to capture this moment.


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