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Our interview with Mr. Steve Weng, owner of SDE Weddings

DSC_3646.jpgBusiness owner, marketing wizard, entrepreneur, cinematographer, SDE Wedding’s CEO Steve Weng is a man of a few words and we are proud to have interviewed him for our February 8th feature! Formed in 2010, SDE Weddings is comprised of a team of photographers, videographers and cinematographers who go well above and beyond in delivering superior quality film making and editing in capturing the most important moments of a couple’s wedding day! Their motto and philosophy has always been to put their client’s needs first and to engage them in the creative process by letting them choose the songs, the props and background for the photo booths and the filming style (linear, non-linear, same day edit or next day edit). Having worked on hundreds of weddings over the course of about 5 years and with clients from all different cultural and religious backgrounds, SDE Weddings has also become very culturally sensitive to their approach to photography and film making.

And without further ado, here is a snippet of the interview that Team Veils&Ties had with Steve Weng, owner of SDE Weddings. 


Veils&Ties: How long have you been in the business?

SDE Weddings: I entered the wedding industry in 2011

Veils&Ties: We knew you were trained as an engineer at U of T, how did you make the decision to form your own company? 

SDE Weddings: I was a coop student in 2010 and became interested in filming so I would film projects on weekends and everything snowballed on. We started shooting weddings and liked it because we are good at it.


Veils&Ties: Please explain what style you use for filming?

SDE Weddings: The style doesn’t have to be fancy. Our goal is to have real feelings, real emotions and real love. From years of experience, we realize what love and relationships really are and to appreciate what people go through to find real love and to maintain relationships. We believe in the ‘grandparents till death do us part’ kind of love.

We believe in the film maker being the artist and to make films that are clean, simple and timeless. Art is timeless and time is valuable. We stay really far from cliché.


Veils&Ties: How do you feel about making friends with your clients?

SDE Weddings: We love getting to know our clients well and becoming friends with them! But it also depends on the client’s time  and schedule. 

Veils&Ties: Where do you see the company in 5 years?


SDE Weddings: We love setting goals, but are also realistic. We want to work all day and make small improvements here and there to make our company better. Ultimately, we want to be the best in the GTA!

Veils&Ties: How do you feel about working with other vendors?

SDE Weddings: We love meeting excellent, passionate individuals! We also love to refer clients that deserve these individuals!

Veils&Ties: What is your advice to future clients? 

SDE Weddings: Please refer to our wedding planning tips on our website. We do not use trendy effects (in stag ram filter photos) and to not overdo it with slow motion videos. We believe that clean and simple equals timeless!

Here are some still photographs taken during the interview of Mr. Steve Weng. More information about SDE Weddings can be found on their website, There you will find their blog, reviews and testimonials as well as samples of their work. You can also check out their cinema demo reel in this link. It was our great pleasure to have interviewed Steve Weng from SDE Weddings!




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