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Royal Botanical Gardens | Burlington Wedding

Even though Erin & Dan has been dating for more than 10 years, it didn't stop them to tie the knot with tears. Time seem like the most romantic of subjects, it was a key point that inspired a magical relationship  between this couple  — and ultimately a romance.Talented photographer Robin Zhang documented the beautiful moments this sweet couple spent at their enchanting wedding.

The couple searched high and low for a venue, they pictured a chic and relaxed in the countryside,and their wedding finally took place at Royal Botanical Gardens Burlington , the largest botanical garden in Canada, where its surrounding grounds allowed natural colors of brown, green, and gray to shape the color palette. We love how the couple incorporated bursts of color into all aspects of their wedding design.They also mixed vintage décor with new items to create a fresh new twist to this garden wedding.With shimmering details and a lush green surrounding the property, this beautiful wedding, is straight out of a fairytale. 

Erin's bridal look was simple but incredibly romantic,she chose a strapless dress with an embroidered corset. She was styled her hair into a curly low ponytail to give her modern gown a more active and romantic feel.

Erin didn't want her bridesmaids to be "matchy-matchy," as she describes, she asked them to each chose their own gown but all in black,while Dan and his groomsmen all wore classic suits,with Dan wore black bow tie to set him apart.

The moment Erin's father had the first look of his daughter into the gorgeous wedding gown is the most touching moment.While Erin is worrying about sinking her heels into the grass or maybe her tears  will wash her mascara down, her father is  likely having his own internal dialogue-a beautiful mix of joy,and even a little wistful sadness.

The couple admitted that wedding planning is stressful,there were so many moving parts, outside opinions, and financial and time commitments. So her advice is work together, and remember why you're planning all of it in the first place. In the end, the day is about the two of you and a celebration of your love and commitment! 

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